Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New Content Update

New Content

Some of the great new content you'll see on the site includes:

Over 40 new or updated chapters in our Primary English section, covering everything from aspects of grammar to Australian English and Indigenous languages. 

* Cats, Dogs and Us' -  new cross-curriculum learning resources from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, tailored for use on the Skwirk site.

 Full text, scene-by-scene analysis and full-cast audio performances of three of the most popular Shakespeare texts for school study: Romeo and JulietMacbeth and Julius Caesar.

A brand-new approach to Secondary Maths, using our powerful new site tools to integrate video and interactive activities with both multiple choice and short answer questions

* Realigning all secondary Science and History content for use with the Australian Curriculum. Watch the video below to find out how to find this content on Skwirk.

* And the big announcement - we've acquired OVER 1300 interactive learning activities for integration across all levels of the site! These learning activities are designed for Australian schools and cover ALL subjects. You can bookmark these activities for your personal folder just like all other Skwirk content.

This is just the beginning, In the coming months you'll see MORE work from the Bard, MORE resources to help with Literacy and Numeracy, and MORE interactive activities to help develop your learning and understanding.