Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Skwirk blog – March 2013

Hi Skwirkers,

Things are getting pretty exciting over at Skwirk HQ as we continue to work on the new site. We’re delighted with the ideas our amazing development team are coming up with!
Concept Artwork for the new Skwirk homepage

We’ve got some great features that will be ready to go from Day 1 of the new site:
-        Australian curriculum alignment – we’ve been hard at work linking our HUGE amount of English, Science, Maths and History content to the Australian curriculum. You will be able to search for content by curriculum codes to make sure your transition to the new national curriculum is smooth and simple. We are also making sure that you can find great content that links to new focus areas like sustainability, digital literacy and Australia’s relationship with Asia.
-        Teacher features - We’ve had great input from our schools and teachers over the last few years, and we want to make sure your Skwirk experience reflects YOUR school and YOUR classroom. The new site will allow you to control your class access, embed additional content in pages, and create your own site-specific Skwirksheets (yes, that’s we are calling them).
-        Mobile site and Skwirk app – online education can happen anywhere you have a screen. The new site will offer a mobile version to make Skwirk a great option for on-the-go learning. We are also developing a Skwirk app for release later in the year – email us if you’d like to be part of our testing team!
Concept Artwork for the new Skwirk App
For our loyal Skwirkers who are worried about not being able to find their favourite subject content post-migration, never fear! We are making sure that all the animations, games, videos and podcasts are making the journey to the new site.
Video of the Week: Different Environments

Finally, don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel. We are always adding new content, including hi-res ‘remastered’ versions of our favourite videos and animations. It’s a great way to find out what kind of content is available for other subject areas and year groups. You can find this here.

Happy Skwirking!

Bill Cohen
Education Content Manager